Beyonce's Unborn Kids Are More Famous Than I'll Ever Be

2017 was starting to look like it was going to be as terrible a year as 2016. That is until Beyonce announced that she would be having twins and the world felt a little bit of hope. These two unborn children already have a multitude press and fame and the gender hasn’t even been revealed. Being children of Beyonce, they are destined to be more famous and fabulous than I will ever be, even before they arrive into the world. So in honor of Queen B, and her fabulous fetuses, here is a list of other things more famous than I could ever aspire to be.


  1. Donald Trump’s sniffle

People went to college to write articles about the President’s sniffling sound. People made compilations of the infamous inhale. 

2.  Mike Krzyzewski’s pen

Once upon a time, Duke’s head basketball coach threw a pen during a game and received a technical foul. Naturally the internet took full advantage of this and there were twitter accounts made commemorating this pen.

3. The 13 year-old who appeared on Dr. Phil who doesn’t know English.

4. Gene Simmon’s Tongue

The tongue of a member of kiss is more recognizable than I will ever be. 

5. Corinne’s Cheesy Pasta

Confession: I have never seen the Bachelor. But whoever Corinne is, her cheesy pasta has been covered on countless news sources. From what I can tell it’s just boiled noodles and shredded cheese yet this dish is so famous that people have written articles about their experience making this dish.

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6. The Bee Movie

I swear that I know maybe two people who have watched this movie. However, thanks to memes being a thing I couldn’t turn on my phone without seeing “According to all known laws of aviation...” So I now know the name Barry B. Benson despite never watching this terrible animation movie.

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