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Best Videos To Learn To Contour

No matter your opinions on the Kardashians, they know how to contour. I mean look. You know those cheek bones aren’t natural. 

(Gif courtesy of giphy.com) 

But contouring is hard. I mean really hard. It’s so easy to end up looking like this. 

(Photo courtesy of perezhilton.com)

Sorry, Lil Kim. 

So, if you want to learn to contour, check out these four videos. 


She’s so positive and the graphics are so cute. She just makes it easy to go with her step by step. Plus, her british accent is so cute. 


Jennifer Chiu condenses highlighing and contouring tips and you can do it in real time with her! 


If you’d like to try to go from 0 to sixty real quick, check out Shani Grimmond’s video. 


This girl is so funny and helpful! There’s no silly banter– she’s just hilarious throughout the video. 


No one says you need to contour your face or that you’ll end up looking like a Kardashian if you. But maybe it could be a fun way to lighten up a random weekday or make a weekend night more special? Who knows? Maybe you’ll love it and it’ll be a new part of your morning routine. 

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