The Best Study Spots at OU

It’s happened. Finals week is upon us once again. And if you’re anything like me, sitting at a cluttered desk for hours on end isn’t always the most efficient way to study. Check out the list below for the best places to hit the books at OU!

1. The ARC
The Academic and Research Center is located on West Green just next to Stocker Center. The ARC has a common area that’s great for group study sessions, as well as tons of smaller rooms perfect for blocking out noise. You can even use your flex points or Bobcat cash to grab coffee and a muffin at the OU-HCOM SAF Cafe on the first floor!
2. The “Stacks”
Everyone knows the library is a great place to study, but if you venture up to the sixth and seventh floors, you’ll find a silent paradise that’s obviously meant for cramming for a biology final. There aren’t quite as many desks up here, but if you can snag a spot, you’re set to study until midnight when these floors close.
3. Fluff Bakery
Flashcards with a side of sticky buns? Yes, please! Fluff is a chill bakery that offers delicious pastries and energizing snacks like hummus and quinoa. Just make sure to balance out your study-to-snack-break ratio.
4. Music and Dance Library
Located on the second floor of Robert Glidden Hall, the Music and Dance Library has a large collection of CDs, books and videos. There are also a few great study spots, and rumor has it that it’s a lot cooler than Alden, so you won’t be dripping sweat onto your notes.
5. Dorm Study Lounges
Many dorms have separate study rooms, usually located on the first floor. In addition to that, some halls also have rooms located elsewhere, like the basement or different floors. Not everyone knows about these studying oases, and you don’t have to go much farther than your dorm room to get there!
6. College Green
If the weather is nice, head up to the beautiful College Green, which is abundant with spots for studying. A few include the stairs of Mem Aud, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, or the benches outside Scripps Hall. Grab a cold iced tea from Front Room on your way over and get to work!
Studying can be a pain, but finding an ideal location can make it so much better. Have a spot you’d like to share? Add your own favorite places to study in the comments below!
Good luck on finals, collegiettes!