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Best Study Spots On Campus For Midterm Season

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As the midterm season approaches with the seasons changing and diving deeper into the fall semester, finding study spots on campus can be difficult. However, as a Junior at Ohio University, I have been fortunate enough to pinpoint (and gatekeep) some of my favorite spots on campus worth studying in/at. With such a large campus filled with nooks and crannies that can be concealed or private getaways for the perfect study sesh, the possibilities are endless for midterm preparations.

Alden Library

Although cliche, Alden Library does have some picture-perfect study spots with desks, chargers, and silence all included. This library has grown on me during my time here and still continue to visit the 7th floor when I need peace and quiet time to study in my own little nook. This floor totally separates you from the outside world with bookcases lining the halls to protect your privacy and large windows to look out over campus. The whole experience is worth trying out for yourself to study for or even take your midterms if they are online!

Heritage Hall

Although Heritage Hall is home to mainly medical students, it is located off-campus, which provides you with privacy when it comes to studying! This is probably my top favorite because it is located 10 minutes from my apartment and is a newer building, so it has lots of light, desks, and quiet spaces to help me concentrate, as well as a smoothie bowl cafe to grab a healthy snack while I study!

Schoonover Lobby

Schoonover Center, located right across from College Green, is my third favorite place for having a great study session! This is mainly because of its openness, tables, and comfy couch-like chairs on the first floor you can cuddle up in and study for hours on end. Schoonover Center is also in a prime location and minutes away from uptown to grab a quick bite and get some inspiration for studying!

Academic and Research Center (ARC)

The ARC, known as a part of the Russ College of Engineering, has some incredible study rooms for midterm season. With large windows and beaming light and scenery, this is the perfect space to get peace and quiet, as well as a less crowded area! This building is also equipped with yet another cafe to grab a coffee or bite before, during, or after your studying!

Donkey Coffee

Last but not least, Donkey Coffee! I had to include this one on my list because I keep coming back from time to time for a delicious matcha and the comfy vibes. I absolutely love the atmosphere there with everyone either chatting, studying, or working which makes me feel motivated to be productive.

Overall, finding the perfect spot on campus to study can all depend on your own personal preferences and choice of scenery. Although I am not a study outside type of person, there are several spots on campus that cater to you aside from my indoor spots listed above. Either way, Athens will provide you with your favorite spot on or off campus with its wide variety of choices to choose from!

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