The Best Places To Pig Out At In Athens, Ohio

It’s no secret that Athens is home to some of the greatest food and drink establishments in Southeast Ohio. After living in this town year after year, we sometimes forget that for most of us, we will only be at Ohio University for a short time! It’s easy to forget to try out everything this place has to offer before we have to leave. Here are some of the best restaurants in Athens that you need to try before graduating.

  1. 1. Burrito Buggy

    The Burrito Buggy is a true Athens classic. The food cart is located on the corner of Court Street and Union Street, right in front of college green. And boy, do they know their burritos. I may be a little biased due to my slight obsession with Mexican food, but I think that everyone has got to try their food before they leave Ohio University. They offer a wide range of burritos, including many vegetarian options, and nachos too.

  2. 2. Casa Nueva

    Casa Nueva is most definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Athens. They offer a wide range of Mexican-style dishes, and the ingredients are all locally sourced and sustainable. They have many vegan and vegetarian options, live music, a full bar, and a mission to serve the community! They also sell their own jarred salsas that you can enjoy at home. One of my favorite things of this restaurant, however, is how they do not accept tips for their servers, as they believe in paying their employees a livable wage. Any tips that you leave will be sent to a local charity.

  3. 3. Union Street Diner

    The Union Street Diner is the best old-school diner in town. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, that’s right, you can come to this place for a nice breakfast with your parents, or at 3 A.M. with your friends for some late night grub. Their menu has a wide range of breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and more. They also feature a vegetarian menu.

  4. 4. Jackie O's

    Jackie O’s is the epitome of Athens. While their locally brewed specialty beers are what reels customers in, their menu is also delicious. Their tagline is “sustainably crafted with purpose”. They offer vegan and vegetarian options, and a great vibe as well. Their restaurant is covered with string lights and hanging plants. In the warmer months, the patio is a great place to eat, drink, and enjoy time with friends.