Best Place To Hammock At Ohio University

As an Ohio University student, one of my favorite past times is to hammock around campus. Hammocking is the perfect time to do homework, nap or be social with friends. While you can hammock in multiple places throughout Ohio University’s campus between trees and posts, these are a few of the best, and my personal favorite spots to hammock.

  1. 1. College Green

    An absolute student favorite. When the weather gets warm, you’re bound to see at least one hammock on College Green. The beautiful, picturesque center of campus has limited space for hammock goers. You’ll have to wake up early or go at night for the best chance to get the perfect spot.

  2. 2. Emeriti Park

    Located along South Green Drive, Emeriti Park gives endless options for those interested in a hammock spot. Pick a tree along the pond for a classic hammock experience. On rainy days, I like to take cover under the gazebo sitting over the pond. On a busy day, these spots allow for hammocks to be stacked for multiple users.

  3. 3. South Green

    If you’re looking for some places to hammock alone and relax, check out South Green. There are scattered spots throughout the green with trees perfectly placed to hammock between. My personal favorite is between Front Four and the Back South buildings. There are three trees spaced just right to allow a few hammocks to hang.

  4. 4. Next to Morton Hall

    Sitting on the edge of the Morton Hall parking lot is a cluster of trees that allow for the perfect social hammocking experience. The area allows for multiple hammocks to be strung from the multiple trees, as well as stacked on top of each other.

  5. 5. Endless places around Athens

    Checking out locations off campus will let you have a fun weekend adventure with friends while also getting to find a new hammock spot. Some cool places to explore include The Ridges, Stroud’s Run, Wayne National Forest and the Hocking Hills region.