Best Dorm Workouts for a Small Space

This article is written by Kellyanne Stitts.

Do you find yourself lacking enough time in your day to make it to the gym or just wanting to get it over with in your dorm because Ping is always crowded? Well worry no more, because here are six workouts you can do in a small space (like a dorm, an apartment living room, etc.) in a short amount of time:

To work your arms, you can do a traditional push-up or any variation of one to work different areas, such as a wide-set push up. The wide-set push up will leave your biceps burning afterwards (the good kind of burn of course).


Another variation of the push-up is the “spider push-up,” where you start in a plank position and bring your knee up to your elbow as you complete the push-up.


If doing plain old crunches is boring, switch it up by doing the “bicycle” crunch!


To really work your core and get your beach ready abs, try these V sit-ups!


If you want to work your legs and butt besides doing regular air squats, try these air squats to really blast those calories and shape your legs.


Or if you really want to target those inner thighs, try doing these sumo squats.


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