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Best Coffee Shops in Athens

Coffee Shops are places where college students meet to cram in work and to finish that essay due in ten minutes. It’s a place to come and unwind while sipping on a hot or cold drink. Music and people fill the rooms. Athens has many coffee shops, but I am here to tell you which ones are the best of the best.

1. Donkey Coffee

To nobody’s surprise, Donkey had to be number one. First off, it is a beautiful, cozy place that gives those aesthetic coffee house vibes. Every single employee has been kind, it is decently priced, and they have many options for people who don’t even drink coffee. There is a rewards card which every $1 you spend you get 10 cents off of the next drink and it’s pretty easy to rack up points. There are so many seating options and every room is something new, with artwork and cozy seating that varies. They have other things to do besides work on homework like choose a song from the jukebox or play a board game or two. Donkey Coffee is an amazing spot that I highly encourage everyone to go to.

2. Brenens

Brenens is alumni founded and owned. For anyone who wants to support a bobcat’s dream, they will go to Brenens. This coffee shop and deli is the perfect place to get a cup of jo’ and something to eat with it. Not only do they have pastries, they also have sandwiches and many other things. Brenens also has a punch-card rewards system. The only downside to this coffee shop is that they do not have WIFI currently, but they are working on it!

3. Ornery Vets Cafe

Ornery Vets Cafe is a nonprofit business that donates money to help veterans. Every person I have talked to said the staff is friendly and it is a good cause to support. They have drinks and pastries and support people from all backgrounds of life. Definitely one great business to support.

I know I only included three coffee shops on this list, but that is for a reason. If someone were to ask me what coffee shops I recommended, these would be the three that come to mind, not a chain and not any other business. Each of these coffee houses have a unique aesthetic with unique backgrounds. Donkey creates a warm family environment, Brenens is owned by alumni and Ornery Vets donates to a good cause. Every single one of these places have great coffee and have friendly warm people waiting to greet you at the door. Before going and buying that overpriced Starbucks coffee, stop to think about these small business working their way to survive in the world and go support one of them. They all are phenomenal coffee shops.

Hi! I am Maddie and I am from Kent. I love crystals, plants, music, and I am really into chakra cleansing. I hike and do yoga during my free time! My major is music education and my dream job is to be a high school band director.
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