The Best Classes To Take to Fill Your Schedule

As spring semester kicks into high gear with projects, essays, and final exams lurking, the last thing you want to do is think of what classes you'll be taking next semester. Unfortunately, you don't have a choice. Now is the time to schedule those sessions with your academic advisors to talk about what classes you need to take next semester (not to mention those scary conversations about internships and graduation, oh my!). When you fill up your enrollment shopping cart, you might want to think about including some fun 'filler' classes, because honestly you might not make it out alive if you take 15-20 credit hours of the toughest classes known to woman.

Luckily for you, collegiette, some of the HCOU team have already experimented with taking fun electives, and we are here to deliver the coolest electives to fill your schedules.

Photo from Balanced Wellness Center

"I feel like I am the queen of free electives! I am currently taking UC 2900, the Leadership in You, and it has been filled with leadership and personality tests, panels, and in-class activities.  I also love PED classes, and have taken Ice Skating and Pilates. CPR was very helpful too. It was only a few in-class days and I'm certified for two years!" -Brooklynn Kramer, junior

"Any PED (gym) class works as a great filler or helps to boost your GPA. For example, I took a racquetball class last semester. Although the class was only one credit hour, it did boost my GPA and it was fun to play around and meet new people. Don't worry! You do not need prior experience to take most PED courses. I did not know any racquetball rules whatsoever before I began the class. Our instructor was laid back and just let us play." -Rachel O'Morrow, freshman

"The Food Studies theme at Ohio University is a great program to look into for useful and fun classes. I am currently taking Themes in Action, an online class where I get to explore the food in Athens and write about it. This class has allowed me to explore the caves in Hocking Hills, watch intriguing films at the Athena on Court Street, take notes at the Farmers Market on East State Street, and even create a delicious meal using only local ingredients. I am also taking the Food Matters! course, where I have learned so much about how food affects nearly every aspect of life. The Food Matters! course is three credit hours and fulfills a number of requirements for many different majors! For my senior year, I am looking into classes like Kayaking, Canoeing, Caving, Bowling, Yoga, and Pilates because I have heard such great things about those classes." -Paige Bennett, junior

"Any of the REC classes are great because they serve as a de-stresser from your other classes. You get to workout for class credit while you learn about a new activity or sport. You can choose from soccer, volleyball, rock climbing, jogging, caving, kayaking, and more. The possibilities are essentially endless!" Taylor Stano, senior

When searching for classes in the course catalogue, remember to look into any courses that catch your eye. While college is the time to work hard and study until you pass out, it also is the time to have fun and find yourself. Taking a variety of classes that seem interesting to you (rather than seeming just dreadful but necessary to meet requirements) will help you further explore your interests or even find new hobbies or topics you love.

Have you taken some awesome 'fillers' that we missed? Tweet us your favorite classes @hercampusohiou!