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Beauty that Won’t Break the Bank

No more static!
Yes, all collegiettes can relate to that dreaded time of year when the air is stripped of moisture, and can turn any good hair day into a bad one. Taking off your jacket, shirt, or sweatshirt becomes a hassle when flyaways float all around your head for everyone to see afterwards. Chances are you don’t carry styling wax or smoothing putty around with you, but lotion will do the trick! Rub a dime size dollop between your hands, smooth it over the surface of your hair, and you’re good to go.
P.S. Combat static on your clothes by running a dryer sheet over them.
Smoother skin 
If you thought your hair was the only thing to fall victim to dry, chilly weather, think again. With the lack of moisture in the air comes dry, rough, and even cracked skin. The solution? Use a simple exfoliator made of two simple ingredients: sugar and honey. The sugar will get slough off dead skin cells while honey is a fantastic natural moisturizer (it actually holds a multitude of other skin health benefits, too). The result? An amazing glow! The best part is you can get both sugar and honey packets in the dining halls/cafés. And you thought they were just there for coffee and tea….
Beat the heat
When you don’t have access to a protectant spray, opt for hairspray. It will give your strands something to fight against heat damage with, plus your style will last at least a little longer!
De-frizz starting in the shower
Since my hair is on the wavier side, it is unfortunately much more prone to frizz. My hairdresser, Jen at Attractions, said that rinsing the conditioner out with lukewarm or cool—not ice-cold—water would help seal the cuticle. Additionally, she encouraged combing it as opposed to brushing it when it’s soaking wet. Furthermore, when blow-drying, a shot of cool air at the end would add shine. Her advice worked wonders!
Say “sayonara” to shaving cream
Don’t you just hate it when the minute after you apply shaving cream in the shower, it vanishes before you’re done? Sounds weird, but use a small dollop of conditioner instead. It stays on better and will leave your legs sleek, smooth, and moisturized. I actually prefer it to shaving cream!
Foundation is a miracle product
Aside from covering blemishes and any other unwanted areas of your skin, foundation is a major money saver. For example, it serves as a great alternative to expensive eye shadow primer. Urban Decay’s Original Eye Shadow Primer Potion is $20 on ulta.com.
Also, you can stash some cash making your own tinted moisturizer, which usually costs from $10 to $30+, by mixing foundation and face lotion/moisturizer together on the back of your hand.
Read my lips 
It’s not always ideal to tote along a tube of lipstick when you’re headed out the door—you forget you even had it until you pull it out of your pocket to find it all soft and warm. Nobody wants a beauty disaster, so opt for a quality lip stain. The color stays locked in your lips for hours on end, without need for later reapplication. You can even skip the lip liner!
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