Bachelor in Paradise Love Triangles

The Bachelor in Paradise is back and better than ever after the madness between Corrine and Demario finally cleared. It seems as if the trend this season is love triangles. Some are big, some are small but it seems no couple is safe this season.

One of the biggest is between Dean, Kristina, and Danielle (Dlo). Dean and Kristina started this journey off strong - even when paradise was suspended, they spent time together in Kristina’s home state of Kentucky. Shortly after everyone returned to paradise, things only got rocky from there for the couple. Danielle L. came in and shook things up by asking Dean on a date. Ever since that date, Dean has been slowly pushing Kristina away and becoming more infatuated with Danielle L. (Photo Courtesy: )

A smaller love triangle: the one between Adam, Raven, and Sarah. Adam and Raven hit it off when he asked her out after he got to paradise. Then Sarah came in and asked Adam on a date. It was up in the air as to who Adam was going to give his rose to right up until the rose ceremony. Raven came out on top and received Adam’s rose while Sarah was sent home that week because she did not receive a rose from anyone.

Moving on to the final, and probably most dramatic, the love triangle between Matt, Jasmine, and Christine (scallop fingers). Matt and Jasmine were a known couple until Christine showed up. Matt was having doubts about his and Jasmines relationship prior to Christine’s arrival, so when Christine showed up, Matt was all for going on a date with her. Jasmine did not appreciate this and was very upset at Christine for asking Matt on a date. It was unclear who would get Matt’s rose at the ceremony. Matt ended up deciding to ditch paradise all together and go home hours before the ceremony was set to begin. That left Jasmine and Christina left to try to get a rose from someone else. While Christina was able to make a last-minute connection, and receive a rose from a contestant named Jack, Jasmine was not so fortunate and it looked like she was headed home. Right before the ceremony took place Matt came back only briefly to hand his rose to Jasmine because he said he believed she deserved to stay and find love. 

(Photo Courtesy: etonline) If you don’t watch the show, you may be a bit confused; Hulu has every episode up the day after it airs.