Ava Wilford

 Ava Willford is many things. She is a member of Delta Zeta and a writer for The Odyssey. She is an Integrated Media major and a Creative Writing minor. She is also a Friends enthusiast and paid tribute to Rachel Green by recreating some of her iconic outfits for a week. She’s also director of "Fridays Live," Ohio University’s version of "Saturday Night Live."

  So tell me a little bit about what you do as Director of Fridays Live:

As director of "Fridays Live," I carry out the writer’s vision while adding my own creativity by setting the shots, placing the characters and creating the right atmosphere for the scene. 

What’s your favorite part of directing?

 My favorite part of directing is getting to know the cast and crew so well. You spend all this time together working with the actors, the booth crew, the writers, the cameras and booms, everyone! And we're always laughing. It's the best.

Why did you decide to get involved?

 I started "Fridays Live" my first semester of freshman year because I wanted to get involved in my major right away. I wanted experience working on a crew who loved what they were doing and Fridays was where I found that. I was also drawn to the comedy. These people are the funniest people I know.

 What has been your favorite sketch?

 The one that first comes to mind is not a sketch, but a digital short produced last year. It was called "Circus of Elders" and it was a mock bio pic on a fictional band of the same name. It was genius, so well written and hilarious. I laugh every time I watch it! 

So tell me about the inspiration behind your Rachel Green photos and what made you decide to recreate them?

 Over the summer, I was thinking about what I was going to be for Halloween and the idea of Rachel Green came to mind. Perusing through all the episodes I had a hard time picking one outfit. I decided it would be fun to do a whole week of dressing like Rachel Green.

What was your favorite outfit?

 My favorite outfit was definitely the plaid skirt from "The One Where the Monkey Gets Away." It's one of the most recognizable Rachel Green outfits and so cute.

 How did you find all the clothing pieces that you needed to recreate the outfits? 

 Some I already owned. For example my overall shorts which is one of my most prized possessions. I also am a thrifter and hunted down pieces at the thrift stores. I also borrowed and made some items too. The plaid skirt from above I actually was able to make from a large night gown with the help of friends!

What is your favorite Friends episode? 

 I think my favorite episode besides the finale (swoon) was "The One With the Embryos." I love the game that Joey & Chandler play against Monica & Rachel for the apartment. You learn a lot about the character's pasts in a funny and interesting way.

 Was there an outfit that you didn't have time to recreate that you wish you would have? 

 I think it would've been cool to recreate the first outfit Rachel wears on the show, the infamous "runaway bride" wedding dress. I definitely could have found one at the thrift store, but I was wearing these outfits all day, in class, and at work. Wearing a wedding dress while making coffee at Brenens would have been difficult.

 What’s your dream job? 

 My dream job is working for Saturday Night Live. Anything for Saturday Night Live. Since Fridays Live is OU's version of SNL, I think it's a great start!

(Photo courtesy of Ohio University School of Media and Arts)