Athens Bucket List

Ohio University is a hub of many social events. Aside from student-run or University events, there is still plenty to explore off-campus. There’s something for all types of students, and plenty to fill your weekends' explorations.  

To start, come join Her Campus members at Craft Night at 9 p.m. in Baker. Every Thursday night, many stressed students join in the fun of canvas painting, building projects, and themed events. It’s a great way to de-stress and you’ll go home with items for decorating your room! Also on Thursday nights, there is Ice-Skating at Bird Arena. Check their website for dates and times of open skate.

The next fun event is to see sporting games. Many freshman students only attend the more popular football games, but there is a wide variety of sports on campus. Basketball has hilarious introduction traditions, baseball in the warm weather - there’s a sport for any preference. Join the Bobcat pride and try to attend a new game. Along with Varsity Sports, there is an endless amount of intramurals. You and a group of friends can create your own team, you can join a team on your own, or just see the games and tournaments.  

A well-known activity for students is to see an independent film at the Athena Cinema.  Their selection changes often, all films are especially artistic and cultured, and it’s a bucket list item for Ohio University students. Also on Court Street are street events! We have all heard of HallOUween (not affiliated with the University). Hopefully, you had the chance to attend the event and see the music this year. If not, try again next year. This is another bucket list item, as OU students talk about the event weeks before and weeks after. Along with Halloween, there's an International Street Fair that happens annually. I have never been, but keep an eye out for flyers or emails coming in April.  

Hiking is a popular activity for many students. Living so close to Hocking Hills and a National Forest has its perks. Now that the weather is getting warm and sunny, make a plan with your friends to spend a day hiking. If you aren’t comfortable going without experience, look for group events scheduled through the University. They are often scheduled on special weekends, like Mom’s weekend, which is just around the corner.

Additional activities that are staples for students and townies are the museums, the Ridges, and the Farmer’s Market. These locations give you a rich history or experience of Athens. There are a few museums available nearby, in Schoonover Center and exhibits in Baker.  Outside of Ohio University, there is the Kennedy Art Museum. The Ridges, which you might have heard of by now, is an old Asylum turned into a Museum. This is a very popular place to visit, just don’t go on Friday the 13th. Finally, the Farmer’s Market is a fun way to spend time visiting something new off-campus.

Whatever your hobbies or tastes, there’s something on or off this campus for students to enjoy.  Take the time and energy to explore the Athens community. I promise you will enjoy your time. Even if you don’t, it’s just another event or location that you experienced as a student.