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Anthony Baucco

Name: Anthony Baucco

Age: 21.

Class: Junior.

Major: Broadcast Journalism.

Hometown: Mentor, Ohio.

Relationship Status: Single.

Favorite bar at OU: I usually go to CI and end up at Stephens. I get dragged to Pawpurs or the Overhang every once in a while.

Favorite Memory at OU: During the number fests when all of my friends come down to visit and we just do whatever whenever. It’s just a weekend when I don’t have to worry about anything and can have a great time.

What do you look for in a girl: She’s gotta be cute and have a great smile. She must have good sense of humor and be pretty chill. A good body doesn’t hurt either.

Boxers or Briefs: I wear boxer briefs actually…

Most Embarrassing Moment: I can’t think of an embarrassing moment. ask me another question

One Word to Describe Yourself: Happy.



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