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Andy Alexander has a remarkable bio and is undoubtedly one of the most well noted journalists in Washington D.C. and at Ohio University. In 2011 he was inducted into the Scripps College of Communication Hall of Fame. This Ohio University alum was once editor of The Post and traveled the world to report on a variety of foreign affairs. He is the former ombudsman of the Washington Post and current teacher of my media ethics course. His humble and intriguing personality are just the start to what you should know about this professor right here at Ohio University.

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I could write a book about Andy and his work adventures, but what many people don’t know about him is his personal life and how it has shaped him to be this well written, worldly, and down-to-earth person.

Andy began traveling the world when he was young. One of the first countries he worked in was Australia and Vietnam shortly after, and this is while he was still in high school. His family didn’t come from money, but they “made do with what they had.”

As editor of The Post at Ohio University, Andy covered the 1970 riots, stemmed from the opposition and Vietnam War and the growing presence of ROTC students on campus.

Ohio University is the place where Andy met his sweetheart Beverly Jones, and let me tell you, he is crazy about her. They met when they both worked at The Post together and he has always admires her passion for equality and dedication to women’s rights during a time in which successful women at Ohio University weren’t being recognized. She began to give women a voice through WOUB and fought for affirmative action before Title IX even existed.

Andy and Beverly got married in Bermuda and now live in Virginia with their two dogs Lindon and Daisy (he also wanted to note how great of a cuddler Daisy is).

Andy has been to many different places across the world, but he aspires to visit Argentina and Mainland China. His favorite place is by far Paris. He spoke of the people and how they have such a “beautiful outlook on life” in France. When it comes to his favorite place to work, it’s either Africa or more specifically Angola. Although the reporting is difficult in Africa, it is big, diverse and complex, which makes for great stories for him to write.

Some of Andy’s favorite places in around campus include the Jschool, (Scripps Hall or Schoonover) where “his people” congregate, Ash Cave, an enormous amphitheater like park outside Hocking Hills, and Casa Nueva or Zoe’s for a great meal. Although he loves him some Mexican food, his favorite types of food are either French or Italian.

Andy has been in the presence of many influential people, but doesn’t often get starstruck, only impressed. The one person who has left a bit of an impression is Christie Brinkley, the Supermodel, actress, artist, author, photographer, designer and environmentalist.

Lastly, Andy has one piece of advice for any student, whether they be a freshman, fifth-year senior, or even in grad-school, “Explore the world! Get out there and see it.”

If you ever get a chance, I strongly recommend you either taking a class with Andy or sit down and just have a chat with him. He says he is one of the most un-interesting people he knows, but I have never had a professor that I was more interested in speaking with.

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