Amy Steigerwald: MSNBC Intern

In the world of journalism, there are many opportunities, whether that be networking, connections or even internships. I have the privilege of knowing a girl from high school, Amy Steigerwald, who held a position at MSNBC this summer. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions to find out more about her summer experience!

Amy is a senior at Bowling Green State University, but originally from Cleveland. She is majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in marketing. 

“In my spare time, I like to go to the gym and get my nails done. I am absolutely obsessed with Bruno Mars, and although I am a very healthy eater, I could live off cosmic brownies and be perfectly content,” said Amy. We can agree with you there!

I asked Amy what her internship process included and how she ended up finding MSNBC. She shared with us that she had been considering this internship for about a year and worked at a local station in Cleveland, while also doing some work with Youtube. MSNBC was always on her mind!

“I always valued NBCUniversal’s product and admired many of their on-air personalities. It wasn’t a hard decision to accept once I was offered the spot to intern for the “Alex Witt Show” at MSNBC on the weekends. I value her concept of having a neutral stance when interviewing guests. She’s polite, yet tough, and that’s the kind of journalist I hope to be some day,” Amy said when asked why she decided on the MSNBC internship.

(Photo courtesy of Amy)

In Amy’s words, an average day interning at MSNBC included a lot of logging and pulling potential, interesting interview clips. This helped Amy develop her news judgment and type as fast as she could! Amy loved a lot about the internship, but her favorite part was being so close to such big headlines, especially working in the news during a political time.

When asked what her biggest achievement was, Amy replied with covering the Charlottesville protests. “It was one of my last days on the job but by far the most important. Fact checking and clarifying the responses from our political leaders was incredibly important. It felt good to know I was trusted with such an important task,” Amy continued on about the protests.

Amy left us with some advice….

“Be confident, and make it known that you are interested in being the best intern you can be for them. People remember a face more than they remember a resume.”

So true, thank you Amy!

(Photo courtesy of Amy)