Amanda Moline

Amanda Moline looks down as her phone buzzes on the chestnut coffee table. Her sky blue eyes directly lock onto her bright screen as she picks up the phone and rapidly responds to a text. She locks the phone, sets it back down and gets comfortable.

Staring at Moline, you’d think (stereotypically, of course) that she skated by on her gorgeous looks. Her medium length blonde hair falls down just past her armpits. Her eyes, a delicate shade of light blue, are perfect narrow almonds next to the dainty mountain that is her nose. Her face is very round, a direct juxtaposition to her skinny abdomen.  

However, that is not the case. Not even a teeny, tiny, little bit. 

As stunning as Moline is, she’s equally dedicated. Moline is a senior in strategic communications, involved in Student Alumni Board (SAB) as vice president of philanthropy and Bobcats for suicide prevention campaign (BSPC) as public relations chair.

“I have an older sister who also went to OU and one of the big things she stressed is getting involved,” Moline said.

In SAB, Moline does all types of small scale and large scale events.

“We did pack the pantry during homecoming week, we collect clothing for My Sister’s Place,” Moline said. Since Moline has held the position, SAB has donated over 10,000 pounds of food.

For BSPC, they focus mostly on smaller scale efforts.

“For world kindness day last month, we made paper flowers and handed them out on college green,” Moline said, “basically our goal is to brighten as many days as we can and I assist with that by trying to get the word out.”

In addition to all of her extra-curricular, Moline makes time to have an on campus job with her major.

“I’m a communication manager for campus recreation. This is my second year working there and I oversee the marketing efforts for five different facilities on campus.”

Next year, Moline hopes to have a full time job that is meaningful to her that makes her feel that she’s making an impact in some way and continuing to learn something new every day.

Advice for college aged women? “College is all about finding yourself! Don’t be afraid to try out different organizations, different majors, different facets of yourself, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.”