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Alex Corsi

We all know that girl that is seemingly on her game 24/7 – the girl who is on the executive board of every club, the girl who consistently gets a 4.0, the girl who is friends with everyone.


That girl is Alex Corsi.


Alex is a senior at Ohio University studying Strategic Communication. On top of that, she’s getting a Political Science Minor and a Strategic Leadership Certificate.

Alex is the Director of Internal Affairs at ImPRessions, the student PR firm through the journalism school, President of Delta Gamma, Zeta Rho-Ohio University chapter and an assistant academic coordinator in the athletics department.

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“I love being involved with everything I am. I think everyone should find at least one organization that makes them really happy, something they can get excited about and get as involved with it as you can,” said Alex.


Alex was also previously a Learning Community Leader – this was her favorite leadership position thus far. “I met so many incredible people through he LC program, and I learned a ton about leadership and who I am as a leader. Plus, it was fun!”


Through her four years here at OU, Alex has learned valuable lessons that have made her a better leader. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t please everyone, and that’s not something you have to make yourself feel guilty about. No one can do it all, and that’s something I have to continually remind myself and others I work with,” Alex said.


Even through the busyness, Alex stays positive. She said, “I do wish I had a little more down time, but everything I do is everything I love, so in the end I’m really glad I’m a part of these organizations.”

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