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Advice to Freshmen from a Fellow Freshman

There are a lot of things I wish I knew before coming to college, such as what people wear when they go out, how expensive textbooks are, and more. After experiencing almost a full year here at our beloved Ohio University, I have a few key pieces of advice for current or incoming college freshman that I wish someone would have told me at the beginning.


Make the most of your summer as a way to make money by working a lot. Try not to blow it all on going out to dinner with your friends or clothes you thought you would wear in college but never do. Save, save, and save some more. Wait until you get to college to buy clothes online. It’s easy because orders get shipped to your dorm and that way you are able see what type of clothes people wear out before wasting your money. You will also need more money than you think for books and supplies. A book for one class can cost you up to $200, maybe even more. You will also want extra money to spend on food, drinks, and your university or sorority gear.


It’s so easy to get off track and disorganized in college because, unlike high school, you may not have the same classes everyday and the professors won’t baby you and remind you to do your homework. An easy fix for this problem is to get a planner and create a set schedule. Faithfully use your agenda/planner: write down due dates, test dates, your class schedule and any extra curricular to stay organized and on track.


To stay away from that ominous freshman 15, you have to get active! We are already at an advantage by attending OU because we have to walk up hills everyday, but make an effort to go to the gym. Add a set gym time into your schedule and make it a habit to go during the time you planned for. Also, get a workout buddy, because having someone to go with motivates you to stick to your commitment and makes working out even more fun! If you don’t like working out, try getting active by joining an intermural sports team.


Going to college is a huge transition for all of us, and if you don’t really know anyone coming in, it can be even more difficult to adjust. An easy solution is to join clubs! We have a ton of clubs here at OU that are all welcoming and easy to join. Joining an organization helps you make friends by meeting people who have the same interests as you. Another great way to get involved and meet new people easily is to join a sorority or co-ed fraternity.  Good luck!

Do you have any advice for freshmen? Let us know @hercampusohiou!

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