'90s Fashion is Back Ya’ll

I do not know about you guys, but I am beyond ecstatic that 90s fashion is back. I mean, yeah, it kind of has always stuck around a little, but now that it is spring going into summer, you can definitely tell! I’m a 90s baby, so although I didn’t fully enjoy the style back then, I get to enjoy it now! What’s even better is going thrift shopping for 90s attire and getting so much for so little. What’s better than a good deal? I don’t know; you’d have to tell me.

1. Overalls. I mean, seriously, how cute! They look great on little kids, teenagers, adults, dogs; whoever. Anyone can pull these things off.

2. Jean skirts. There are so many different ways to style this article of clothing - that’s the best part.

3. Chokers. Almost every store you go into now has some sort of choker. Velvet, stretchy, big, thick, mood ones - you name it, I’m sure they have it.

4. Cropped tops/sweatshirts are making a comeback. What better way to show off that summer bod?

5. This ties into #4: the “grunge” look. It never left for some of us but for others (me), we’re thrilled they’re making a reappearance. Wearing an oversized flannel around your waist or wearing an oversized flannel, in general, is in.

6. Brown lipstick! I’m loving all the different shades of brown and, of course, it seems to go with everything!

7. My absolute favorite '90s fashion is the mom jeans. They’re so cute, comfortable and affordable.

8. Windbreakers. You see these a lot now that it is fest season. They didn’t disappear entirely, but now it’s as if every company is making these things.

9. Space buns. Almost every single day, you see someone rocking the double buns. They’re easy to do if you’re on a time crunch and, of course, are stylish. I think the best part is they don’t have to be perfect; messy is in.


Some fashion trends are better than others, but the '90s are definitely something worth repeating.

(all photos courtesy of Pinterest.com)