9 Ways to Survive Finals Week

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After a long semester of fun, the agonizing nights of cramming for finals have come. Many spend endless nights in the library, hoping for curves and lenient grading. While it may seem that life will end before this week does, have no fear! You can still survive this dreadful week and make it to the holidays.

1. Chipot-bae

With some buy one, get one free cards, you can cry over two burritos instead of crying over your notes.

2. Liquid Courage Energy

Instead of passing out on the lib floor, take a shot of this tropically flavored boost of energy.

3. Stop the Sniffles

You might be allergic to finals … or you might have a cold. Get back on track with Cold-Eeze: it’ll shorten your cold so you can focus on writing essays instead of blowing your nose.

4. Smell Like a Million Bucks

If you haven’t showered in three days, don’t panic. Flashy metallic tattoos by Michael Kors are scented with the new Gold Fragrance Collection, so you can look cool and smell good.

5. Beat Bed Head

You could walk around with frazzled, I-stayed-up-all-night hair, or you could spray in some Tresemme salt spray and have perfectly tousled waves. Your move, collegiette.

6. These Bags Under My Eyes? Designer.

Hide the dark under-eye circles with these sweet wayfarer sunglasses from admitsee.com.

7. Club Alden

Vera Bradley has the cutest ID holders – perfect to show the bartender that you are 21 … or show the library that you have Bobcat cash on your card when you need to print off some PowerPoint slides.

8. Smooth Sailing

As finals week comes to a close, the stress begins to dissolve. Less pressure means less pimples, but rid of the acne completely with the full skin care lineup from ProActiv.

9. Study Breaks

You could scroll through Instagram, watching all your friends from home start winter break a week before you, or you could scroll through hercampus.com and check out all the awesome stories. Reading counts as studying, right?

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