8 Favorite YouTubers Worth Watching

I’m the type of person that can only really go to sleep while watching a video, show, or movie. My favorite though is watching YouTube to fall asleep, as well as for overall entertainment throughout the day. Here are my top 8 favorite YouTubers that I think everyone should give a try:


  1. One of my all-time favorite YouTubers is Shane Dawson. Whether you watch him for his old skit videos, conspiracy videos, or long documentary-style videos, he has something for everyone. His latest docu-series with Jeffree Star based around the creation of their new collaborative makeup pallet has been absolutely insane to watch.

  2. Okay, okay, I know most people don’t like Trisha, but I love her. From her personal drama to drama with other YouTubers, her videos are hilarious. However, would not recommend watching her Mukbangs when you’re hungry late at night!

  3. Not that I’m huge on the concept of death, Ask a mortician takes the time to explain what happens and the options your family and you have after your death. I especially love her iconic corpse series!

  4. It all started with Hairdresser Reacts that drew me into watching Brad Mondo all the time. Now with even more of a variety of videos, his funny personality, and adorable twin brother, he’s definitely a channel you’ll want to check out!

  5. If you don’t know David Dobrik, you might be living under a rock. Famous from Vine, his 4 minute and 20 second long videos are hilarious featuring his cast of friends who have become characters with their own channels and personalities to explore. If you’re looking for a new channel to binge, I would definitely recommend watching David.

  6. Who wouldn’t want to be an ultimate crafter and gaming couple with their husband? This husband and wife duo create tutorials focused on functioning items for their home, as well as artwork with the use of wood, paint, and resin. Their personalities and how they act as a couple will win you over for sure!

  7. Just about one of the strangest Youtubers, Joana creates funny and outrageous videos focused on her life in high school and college, along with art and baking millions of cookies for her subscribers. Her wild editing, spontaneous weirdness, and tiny mic will pull you right in to becoming a regular viewer.

  8. Who doesn’t love some feel-good, family vlogs? This family in particular just went through IVF to become pregnant, while selling their house and moving into an RV full time to travel the country and find a potential new place to live. These videos will make you laugh, cry, and feel so happy for this amazing family.