8 Off-Campus Places to Check Out If You Still Need to Sign a Lease for Next Year

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the midst of spring semester, isn’t it? As the 2016-17 school year is creeping up on us faster than we know (in a month you’ll be on spring break and then you’ll be festing hardcore until school is over), it’s time that we all figure out where we will be living next year.

While many of you already know the answer to this, some of you still don’t… and worse, you’re probably giving into the myth that every place has been rented already. What does this mean? Will you have to live in the dorms, again? Luckily, the answer to the last question is no!

If you also happen to be one of those people looking for a place for you and your roomies to dwell, all these places are still leasing:


If you like having your own space, check out The Summit At Coates Run.

Photo courtesy: Google Maps

These apartments may be far away from campus, but worry not – your rent will pay for a bus pass that’ll get you to campus every 10-20 minutes. Better yet, these three-four bedroom living spaces are fully furnished, so they are perfect for any of you who’ve never purchased a single chair before. Enjoy the pool service, free gym (goodbye. Ping!), free parking and many other amazing amenities if you happen to consider this place… Oh, and you’ll also love not having to share a shower with anyone because you’ll get your very own!


If you love peace and quiet, consider University Courtyard Apartments.

Photo courtesy: ucourtyardathens.com

For some of you, there is a time and place for going out and a time and place for quiet and studying (or Netflix). These apartments will shuttle you to campus when it’s time for the bars and home when it’s time for you, yourself and you. As a cost-friendly place to live, these apartments have more to offer than anything: a pool, a place to tan and even a volleyball court. How fun! A sweet thing, too, is that they also hook you up with roommates for free if you haven’t already found one.


If you crave a classic apartment, try University Commons.


Photo courtesy: Best of Athens Rentals

If you’re in college, you’ve taken out several loans to be in school, and you study very hard, you’ll feel right at home at this place. These two, three and four bedroom apartments have all the basics you’ll ever need and a free bus ride home that’ll bring you to a cozy place. Rent is nothing but affordable, the location is close to campus but far away enough that you’ll actually focus on studies when you come home. All familiar amenities are available, as a treadmill will always be available for you in the clubhouse whenever you are home.


If you’re cooler than everyone, discover the West Side.

Court Street probably seems overrated to you, and you are probably dying to see what more this town has to offer. Often times, houses west of Washington Street are the last to be sold. As a matter of fact, those looking for a place to dwell for less than $400 a month can totally find a place worth living here. If easy-to-pay rent, being in place filled with eccentric-minded neighbors and a vibe of its own sounds good to you, then being close to places like West Side Wingery and West End Ciderhouse will sound even better!


If you don’t have a car, you’ll love River Park.

Photo courtesy: Apartment Guide

This is the perfect location to live if you crave being close enough to Mill and Palmer Street without being too far away from class. If you have a busy school and part-time work schedule, then living here is your best ticket because all you have to do is walk to school. These caves are perfect for those studying education, fine arts and math, because these apartments are a block or two away from the buildings for those majors… Oh, and you’ll be right by the bike path and Hocking River!


If you’re trying to stay off campus grounds, your best bet is Carriage Hill Apartments.

Photo courtesy: Wikimapia

While Ohio University has a lot of great things to offer academically, many people attend school here for just that reason. If you also happen to be, then chances are you probably want to be able to spend time away from campus doing your own thing. Even though you may love to go out and spend time with friends here and there, you’ll love that these apartments are far enough away and affordable so you can have your quality “me time.” If that sounds good, and you’ve got a car to get to campus, then go ahead and sign a lease!


If you like to walk places, then you’ll love to walk up and down West State Street.

Photo courtesy: Cloudfront 

West State Street has A TON of properties to offer. For the more social bobcats still looking for a home, this road might be a good last-minute place to sign a lease. You’ll be close enough to Court Street that you’ll be able to go out on weeknights and grab food whenever you get hungry for some uptown food. Besides you’ll be living just steps away from Casa Nueva, Tony’s, Bluetique, O’Betty’s Red Hot and many other cool places. All we’re trying to say is that you’ll definitely enjoy your days on this street.


If you’re a health-related major, why haven’t you signed with Station Street Apartments yet?

Photo courtesy: ohio.ocm101.com

If your home-away-from-home happens to be Grover Center or the ARC, the Station Street apartments will allow you to get a little bit of extra sleep after studying all night for your nursing exams or CSD labs. You’ll be close enough to plenty of places to go for a jog (to watch your own health). And paradoxically, you’ll be right around the corner from Union Street Diner for the occasional cheat day. Besides, the quiet nature of this location will help you buckle down for your intensive studies as a health student.