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7 Ways How to Turn Halloween Wear into Everyday Wear

Sure, it’s after Halloween, but what if we want to turn our costume wear into everyday wear? Here are seven suggestions on how to incorporate pieces of your Halloween costume into your wardrobe and makeup routine:

1. Tights and Stockings – Especially during the fall and winter season, this sort of accessory is always trending. Whether they are patterned, textured or solid, a pair of tights can spice up any outfit. Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl were both spotted together wearing this trend.

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2. Bodysuit/leotard – A body suit can sleek up a fashion statement. Whether the body suit is short sleeve or long sleeve, it can be worn with anything and even add an extra layer of warmth. You can even wear jeans over top of a leotard. In the case of a full body suit with leg coverage, throw on a blazer or cardigan over it. Singer Niykee Heaton knows how to rock a body suit as well as celebrity Kylie Jenner.

3. Corset – Although a corset can be uncomfortable, the look of your figure becomes shapelier and your posture is corrected. A corset can be worn under a tight dress or tucked under a skirt.

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4. False eyelashes – Save these! You can reuse them several times. Use them whenever you want to create more dramatic, flirty eyes or if you have a special event to attend.

5. Face paint – Depending on the color, face paint can be used as an eyeliner when applied with an eyeliner brush. You may need to dampen the brush in order to create the right consistency to line your eyes. Besides your basic black, white eyeliner is trending in 2015. Even a color you may not try to use as eyeliner just might end up making a glam eye makeup look. 

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6. Leggings – Metallic to animal print leggings can be worn with virtually anything, tucked into a pair of knee high boots, etc. Either type can add a bold statement to your outfit and also add comfort.

7. Elbow-high gloves and leather gloves – Elbow high gloves add a dimension of elegance and class. Celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing them. As far as leather gloves, your hands will be kept toasty in the winter and an additional sleek texture is established. 

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