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7 Best Halloween Costumes From Social Media Phenomenon’s

With Halloween rolling around the corner, some stragglers (such as myself) may still be deciding on that perfect costume. Sure, you could always be a sexy cat again, but who doesn’t love a good meme? Here are some of the internet’s most treasured, and most despised phenomenon’s that you can make into this year’s Halloween costume!

1. Laurel vs. Yanny

Yeah, we don’t wanna talk about it either. To make this costume, simply print out the infamous “Yanny vs. Laurel” Instagram poll question on an iron-on transfer sheet and slap it on a white t-shirt. Watch as the arguments break out at every single Halloween party you attend.

2. The Dress

Oh yes, THE dress. To no surprise, you can actually purchase this dress as a costume. However, you can certainly get crafty and sew two different dresses together if you want to remind people of the worst week of their lives on social media.

3. Walmart Yodel Boy

You can quickly become a crowd favorite with this costume. Wear Lil Hank William’s signature red bowtie and a white button-up collared shirt, along with some blue jeans and black boots and you’ve got yourself a costume. Performing your yodeling skills live is optional, but highly recommended.

4. Left Shark

We’re going way back with this costume. All you have to do is wear a shark costume from your local Halloween store and let your uncoordinated dance moves do the rest.

5. Arthur Hand

This one can really be used to your advantage. Create a border around your clenched fist and write just about anything that grinds your gears. Throw on some ears and a yellow sweater and you’ll have your costume and be making a statement about how you feel when you’re watching house hunters and the couple chooses the wrong house.

6. Joanne The Scammer 

Get your hands on a messy blonde bob wig and a fluffy faux fur coat and you too can be petty. Pair the two with a black dress and knee-high boots and you’ll be ready to scam everyone in your path.

7. Salt Bae

This costume is super simple and easy to do and is definitely recognizable to anyone who has been on the internet. To make the costume, simply wear some black sunglasses and slick your hair back into a tight low bun. After that, just throw on a white V-neck t-shirt and carry around a salt shaker to ever so elegantly sprinkle and cascade down your forearm. The raw meat isn’t suggested for this one.

Jaime is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development at Ohio University. Although she's from the Jersey shore, you won't find her fist pumping at the club very often. She is extremely passionate about fashion, animals, and the environment. You can almost always find her hanging out her with her cats, shopping at thrift stores, or hiking in the woods!
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