6 Simple Tattoo Ideas

For years, I was someone who thought she would never get a tattoo, and who, honestly, viewed tattoos in a relatively negative light. But, after a few impulsive decisions and a half dozen Pinterest boards, I now have an extensive list of future tattoo plans. 

Even though my fondness and desire for tattoos have grown, I am someone who enjoys ones that are more simplistic and that share a cohesive aesthetic. So, here’s a list of a few tattoo ideas that check those boxes.

  1. 1. Floral arrangement

    Floral arrangements are a personal favorite of mine (and just happen to be the first tattoo I have) for their simple beauty. Whether they are in a line art style or something more realistic, a thin bunch of flowers will be a lovely accent, especially in areas like the arms, hips, and ribs.

  2. 2. Butterfly

    While flowers and butterflies are often deemed as "basic" tattoos, there's a reason they are so popular. Butterfly tattoos are gorgeous because they can hold an entirely different purpose based on how detailed they are. No matter the size or location, these are always a winner in my book. 

  3. 3. Abstract face

    I'm a big fan of abstract line art, especially with faces. The whispy lines add an extra layer of beauty to the art and make them all the more mesmerizing. 

  4. 4. Detailed snake

    Even though I am terrified of them in real life, snakes in art are actually quite beautiful. While I tend to go in a more simplistic direction with my tattoo inspiration, snakes are an exception--the detail in the scales is something I find very desirable--whether in a large statement piece or in something small on the hip or behind the ear. 

  5. 5. Sun and moon tattoo

    Another basic one, but oh well. Sun and moon tattoos can be very symbolic and I personally enjoy dainty ones, which can be great for a first tattoo!

  6. 6. Small finger tattoos

    Lastly, small finger tattoos are a great way to get a bunch of ink done without it actually appearing that way. These ones are super cute to me and a great way to express yourself.