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If you are from Ohio -Cleveland in particular- you know it’s hard being a Cleveland sports fan. But Cleveland’s losing curse seems to have been lifted (at least when it comes to baseball and basketball) after the Cavaliers won the NBA championship back in June, and the Indians currently being in the World Series (sorry Browns, maybe next year).  With all the recent media attention Cleveland has been getting, you can’t help but notice all the very attractive athletes Cleveland has to offer. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Jeff Manship, #53, Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians



(Photo courtesy of fabwag.com)


2. Lonnie Chisenhall, #8, Outfielder and Third Baseman for the Cleveland Indians

(Photo courtesy of www4.pictures.zimbo.com)

(Photo courtesy of http://image.cleveland.com/)


3. Lebron James, #23, Forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers

(Photo courtesy of http://i.forbesimg.com)

(Photo courtesy of http://www.trbimg.com)


4. Kevin Love, #0, Forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers

(Photo courtesy of http://riverfrontgrumble.com)


(Photo courtesy of http://thecommittedgeneration.com)

5. Jordan Poyer, #33, Defensive Back for the Cleveland Browns


(Photo courtesy of http://www.dailyastorian.com/)


(Photo courtesy of bottlegatedotcom.files.wordpress.com)



6. Tank Carder, #59, Linebacker for the Cleveland Browns

(Photo courtesy https://pbs.twimg.com)

(Photo courtesy of http://media.gettyimages.com/)


We are heating up after all those photos! Tell us who you think is the most attractive Cleveland athlete @HerCampusOhioU!

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