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Ohio University Athens Hockhocking Adena Bikeway
Ohio University Athens Hockhocking Adena Bikeway
Hannah Moskoiwtz

6 Best Outdoor Locations in Athens

The weather has taken a turn for the bright and beautiful! That means more time to spend outside after classes. Athens and Ohio University hold quite a few places to spend outside, here’s a list of my favorites.

Emeriti Park

This area holds a brick walkway, pond, and plenty of benches to view from. Emeriti Park was placed on an old bed of the Hocking River. Athens high school students can be seen taking prom pictures at the end of the year. Even more so, the park is littered with colorful hammocks when the weather is nice.

Bong Hill

This location is on Rock Riffle Road, just past the highway. You have to look for the makeshift parking area on the left side of the road. Then you get a fun hike up the hill that leads to an opening in the trees. This is a popular area to watch the sunset and you can see most of the campus!

Hocking River Path

You can walk or ride along the Hocking River for miles, but there are also places to relax. I enjoy watching the sunset up the river in the grass area across from the Convocation Center. There are blossom trees in the spring and you can view the Ridges from here. At the bottom of E Stimson Avenue, there is a parking area to use the path. Connected to that lot is a big grass area where you can watch the stars or have a picnic.

Sells Park

One of Athen’s hidden gems is Sells Park. It’s a simple hiking area with a handful of paths, but breathtaking views. Depending on which path you take you can stand on rocks overlooking State Street, or see natural rock formations from below.

Strouds Run

Strouds is a staple of the Athens community and OU students. If you haven’t visited yet make sure to add it to your list! There are hiking paths for the avid outdoorsmen, a small beach for volleyball and tanning, and a lake for swimming, paddleboarding, and kayaking.

Hocking Hills

If you haven’t heard of this nature area yet, then I’m surprised. Hocking Hills attracts visitors from all over the State. Lucky for those of us who reside in Athens the drive in under an hour. You can made a half-day event out of hiking with your friends! If that isn’t enough, there are cabins available for rent.

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