50 Places To Study For Finals

Finals week is the ultimate test of the entire semester for students across campus. It can often get boring or distracting to continue to study in the same spot the entire week. Here are 50 (funny) places to study instead:

1. The library

2. On the floor

3. In your bed

4. In a bar

5. Your dorm

6. In a friend’s dorm

7. A dorm you don’t live in

8. The elevator

9. Walking up the hill

10. Walking down the hill

11. In the bathroom

12. In the shower

13. Brushing your teeth

14. In your sleep

15. In the dumpster

16. In the laundry room

17. In boxes for packing

18. At the gym

19. At the aquatic center

20. At the market

21. In Nelson dining hall

22. In Shively dining hall

23. In Boyd dining hall

24. Outside

25. Inside

26. In the river

27. In class

28. In a tree with some squirrels 

29. In a hammock

30. In the Convo

31. At the stadium

32. The music building

33. The journalism building

34. The student center

35. The engineering building

36. The education building 

37. The art building

38. The psychology building

39. The English building

40. The business building

41. The Athens Insane Asylum 

42. The Athena

43. The Athena Grand

44. The 24/7 Walmart

45. In a restaurant

46. In a coffee shop

47. In line at the bursar’s office 

48. At your advisor meeting

49. In a puddle of your own tears

50. During the actual exam

Hopefully this list will brighten your day and study places this semester! Good luck this week and have a great summer Bobcats!