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Going out with friends is a great stress-reliever after surviving the school week, and it can be really entertaining.

But with all the types of friends and party-goers out each weekend, which category do you fall under?

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  1. The “mom.” She is the one who is constantly babysitting everyone. She is the master of staying sober or drinking with a watchful eye. She walks everyone home, tricks her friends into believing that water is beer, and basically wins friend of the year.
  2. The experienced one. She finds the party, can get a little crazy every once in awhile, but can hold her alcohol. She’s well learned her limits and always manages to have the best time.
  3. The lightweight. There’s no shame in a lightweight! Less alcohol and less calories is a win for her. However, going over the edge is a little too easy for her.  Substitute some drinks with water.
  4. The flirt. She can always manage to meet a cute guy and knows how to get those digits, and free drinks.
  5. The giggler. She’s the girl who is laughing constantly and loves making with friends with everyone. She’s the life of the party, and she’s Miss Independent.

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