5 Tips On How To Make It Through Fest Season At Ohio University

It is everyone’s favorite time of year again, fest season. With fests upon us, I am going to give you tips and tricks to survive the season. Be responsible, follow these tips, and you’re golden!

Tip 1: Hydrate

It is essential to stay hydrated during fest season. Whether you’re dancing under the sun, or just day drinking with your buddies, it is important to make sure your body has the appropriate amount of fluids, and I’m talking water, not beer. According to Harvard Health, “Drinking fluids is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles.” 

Remember, there are 10 fests, so you wanna make sure you can last through all of them. In fact, try bringing your own reusable water bottle to be more environmentally friendly and keep your body hydrated! The last thing you want to be is that person on everyone’s snap-story that passed out due to dehydration. STAY HYDRATED!

Tip 2: Bring sunglasses

Sunglasses have multiple purposes. First off, they make you look more stylish and semi-hide the fact you are probably a hot mess. They also protect your eyes from exposure to the sun and allow you to stare at attractive boys/girls or people making interesting decisions longer without them noticing. Go pick yourself a pair of sunnies here: https://www.fashionnova.com/collections/sunglasses

Tip 3: Sunscreen or a coat

Rain, snow, or shine, the party goes on. I have first-hand experience at getting a wicked sunburn during fest season. My skin was red and my body ached. Check the UV rays before going out and if they are high, make sure to put on some sunscreen even if it is low SPF. Low SPF is better than no SPF. Don’t forget we live in Ohio, so it may be snowing or raining during the first few fests. In this case, make sure you are properly bundled up, alcohol blankets are NOT real blankets and you can still get very sick if it is cold outside. Properly protect your body from Ohio’s unstable weather patterns.

Tip 4: Stay with your friends

I know we are not in 3rd grade anymore, but the buddy system still applies. If you plan on going out for fests make sure that you aren’t splitting up from your friends. I know it’s hard not to run away from your friends when you hear more lit music a few houses down, but you must resist the urge. It is not a good idea to be roaming around alone in a giant crowd of drunk college students. Share your location with your friends just in case you get split up because I’d assume that getting lost during a fest has the same feeling as losing your mom in the grocery or department store. Horrible, tragic, nightmarish.

Tip 5: Wear shoes you don’t care about

Don’t be me; do not wear your favorite white Reebok Classics out to a fest. Wear shoes that you won’t mind being covered in mud, beer, and other unmentionables. Fests are not the time to bring out your fresh new kicks. People will be stepping on your feet, and your shoes will get dirty. As I just mentioned, people will most likely end up stepping on your feet, so stay away from sandals and flip-flops too.

While all these tips seem to be common sense, there are a bunch of people out there that will not follow them. Take these tips, use them, and survive all the fests.

Her Campus Ohio U does not promote underage drinking. Drink responsibly.