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You wake up, not at home, with someone sleeping next to you. Whether it was a drunken night or a study session that ended in zzz’s, you have to walk home.  Here are a few tips to confidently handle the “embarrassing” moment of walking home.
1. Try taking a quick shower if you can. If not, wash your face to wake you up and to make you feel better. 
2. Wear comfy clothes that make you feel good. If you have to borrow a hoodie or sweats, take them. If not, work your last-nights outfit with pride.
3. If two or three pieces of your favorite makeup set makes you feel better and more confident, keep them in a purse and never let them leave your sight! You can apply them in the morning and feel just like new.
4. Smile! No one knows where you’re walking from or where you’re walking to. Seriously!
Photo: i.dailymail.co.uk
5. Lastly and most importantly, keep your head high. You are amazing and NO ONE is allowed to judge you!
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