5 Reasons Why Ohio University is the Real OU, Not the University of Oklahoma


College football is back, and I’m ready to watch the Bobcats win their conference. Actually, I think I’m more excited to see the marching band perform. That’s beside the point because I recently watched some football games when I heard that OU was playing Ohio State. I was confused because Ohio University is not in the same conference as Ohio State. Then, I realized the announcers were talking about the University of Oklahoma, not Ohio University.

Learning that the University of Oklahoma goes by “OU” makes me angry and confused. I don’t understand why they go by OU when we, Ohio University, are the real OU. I’m not letting Oklahoma get away with this one, so I’m here to lay out all the facts on why Ohio University is the real OU.

  1. Ohio University shortened is OU, while the University of Oklahoma is UO

    This is basic common sense, Oklahoma. When you shorten the University of Oklahoma, you get UO, and when you shorten Ohio University, you get OU. Wouldn’t it be logical to go by UO since that’s literally how the university name is abbreviated? This would make referring to the University of Oklahoma much easier. Otherwise, when I hear “OU,” I automatically think of Ohio.

  2. Ohio University was established before Oklahoma even became a state Let’s do some simple math. Ohio University became a school in 1804, while the state of Oklahoma came about in 1907. That’s a difference of 103 years, people. The University of Oklahoma claims they were established in 1890, but how is that possible when their state didn’t form until 17 years later. The university started in Oklahoma Territory, but that’s not the same as Oklahoma the state. There’s something shady about these Oklahomans.

  3. We’re OU OH YEAH! It’s our life motto here at Ohio: OU oh yeah! We say it at our football games, parties, or strangers on the street. When I say “OU,” I know someone will back me up with an “Oh yeah!” Oklahoma’s thing is “Boomer Sooner.” Um, ok. It seems like they don’t try too hard to include the letters “O” and “U” into their everyday vocab. Therefore, they don’t deserve those letters

     4. Oklahoma doesn’t fit the OU mentality

We are the OU Bobcats, and we have something special here in Ohio. Bobcats love Bobcats, and we know how to have a good time when dealt any circumstances. Even when a water main pipe bursts and classes are canceled because there’s no water, we turn it into a fest. RIP Drought Fest.


    5. Ohio University is our real hOUme

                                    (All GIFs courtesy of giphy.com)

Athens, Ohio, is our hOUme, and we take our school seriously. That’s why when people go around talking about OU and they’re not referring to Ohio University, we get ready to throw hands. From the red bricks to our rockin’ dining options, shout out to you Bagel Street, this is hOUme.

I have nothing but respect for MY OU, Ohio University. I’m sure the University of Oklahoma is a lovely school, but they need to do the right thing and go by UO. It’s never too late to change, especially when you know it’s for the best.