5 Reasons to join HCOU

Starting a new school year could mean different things: new love, new food, new stress, and new student organizations to join. As you turn over a new leaf and begin to blossom into your new year, you may find yourself working to make friends, and lasting memories. Her Campus at Ohio University is one of the best organizations at Ohio University (editor’s note: the best student organization at Ohio University) and we’re looking for more members!                 Her Campus is the number one online magazine for college women (although, no discrimination-we take all genders.) We write about everything and anything (politics, fashion, relationships, etc.) We’re looking for new staff members to do anything and everything to be involved with HCOU. Why join Her Campus?

1. Friendships

(HCOU members Dottie Kramer and Heidi Kranz) 

We foster an environment of openness and bonding. Our staff members do more than just write and edit together; we get dinners, we have parties, and we bond! Being new is intimidating, but having an instant group of friends makes it better.

2. Networking

(Her Conference speaker Andi Dorfman)

We’re a national organization. Saying you’re in Her Campus gives you an instant connection to anyone who has heard of us/works for us. Not to mention, Her Conference (our national conference) pulls the best speakers who are genuinely excited to help you! (See: Michelle Tan and Andi Dorfman.)

3. Experience

College is about gaining experience (it’s almost impossible to get a job without clips.) HCOU is looking to help you grow as a writer, editor, photographer, PR representative, etc. These clips will not only be published, they’ll be shared and circulated. Plus, opportunities for promotions are constantly presenting themselves.

4. Swag

(HCOU Fall survival kit)

Her Campus partners with tons of companies who want to give you free stuff! Vera Bradley, anyone?

5. Fun!

(HCOU members in New York)

(HCOU members playing sports together)

We are all about FUN at HCOU! You definitely want to be having fun during your time at Ohio University.