5 Haunted Houses To Visit This Fall In Ohio

Halloween is right around the corner which means scary movies, candy, and the best part: haunted houses. I make it a point to visit at least one haunted house every year. In my opinion, it's the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. If you need some ideas of where to go this year for a good scream here are some of my favorite haunted houses in Ohio. I've also rated them on how scary they are just in case you aren't looking for anything too spooky.

1.) Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride

This is one of my all-time favorite haunted houses. My friends and I started going here when we were in middle school and we've been back every year since. The Haunted ride puts you on a cut off school bus and takes you on a wild ride. The ride normally lasts 20-30 minutes and cost about $20.00. The line does fill up fast, so make sure to go a little earlier in the night. 

The ride is the perfect mixture of scary and fun.  Even people who don't enjoy haunted house will love it. The monsters hop on and off the bus but aren't allowed to touch you. The bus takes you through the woods and multiple different scary scenarios. If you pay a little extra you can even walk through their haunted houses, which are super spooky as well. At this place, you are guaranteed fun and a scare. 

2.) Land of Illusion 

Land of Illusion is definitely worth the hype. You're guaranteed a good scare if you choose to check out this park. There are 6 different haunted attractions you can choose from, each one equally as scary as the last. Ticket prices depend on how many haunted houses you want to see, but you can get tickets for as low as $20.00. In this theme park, the actors are allowed to touch you, so get ready for an extreme scare. If the haunted houses aren't enough for you, they even have some thrill rides you can do. Overall, Land of Illusion is guaranteed to give you a good scare.  

3.) Carnage Haunted House

This is the number five rated haunted house in the country and the number one rated haunted house in Ohio. I've never personally been, but everyone raves about it. The haunted house has 30 different rooms and costs about $20.00. You'll be guaranteed a good scare here and a fun time with friends. 

4.) Field of Screams

This is the highest-rated haunted house in Athens. This haunted attraction consists of haunted woods and a corn-maze. There aren't too many details on this haunted attraction, but all the reviews are great. The price to enter is $10.00. This is definitely a site to check out sometime this year. 

5.) Horror Acres Haunted House 

I went to this haunted house last year and I loved it! It's super scary and super fun. There are a bunch of rooms to walk outside. The actors can touch you and the jump scares are great. The price to enter the haunted trail is $16.00 and the price for the corn-maze at the end is $10.00. The whole thing is worth it. You'll be walking through an outside path for a while, so dress warmly if it's a chilly night! 

Hopefully, these recommendations will help you and your friends find the perfect haunted house this year!