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During college, you may be looking for something to add to your resume that does not conflict with your busy school schedule. Or, maybe you're looking to gain your following on social media, and build your platform. Or, maybe you're looking to get something for free or get paid that's not as structured as a typical job. If any of these ring true, a college ambassadorship is for you.

A college ambassadorship has a large range of opportunities, time commitments, and fulfilling work--that can be structured as remote or in-person. During the last several years, groups of influencers have taken over social media platforms like Instagram through partnerships and sponsorships with brands. Through a college ambassadorship, you can begin that process by making connections through brands. So, if you are interested in being an influencer in your future, this is one way to start early while still working on your degree. It’s also important if you're not sure if being an influencer is right for you, this is a way to almost have a “trial run” of being an influencer.  

Below I have listed some college ambassadorship programs that I have found as well as a small summary of what they provide and require. Any way you slice it, a college ambassadorship can add to your college experience.  



Winky Lux

Calling all makeup and beauty lovers, Winky Lux is a makeup brand looking for ambassadors! This brand has been a big hit in Target and Ulta for their flowers inside a clear lipstick. The brand places a heavy focus on ethically-sourced products that still offer high-quality makeup looks. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Winky Lux, head to their website!


goPuff is a delivery service that delivers essentials to your door--from snacks and drinks to cleaning supplies and medications. Their brand focuses on fast, direct delivery that is also inexpensive. goPuff is always looking for ambassadors to promote their services, so if you are interested, check out their website on how to become one!

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud is a fashion brand with an ethical approach--using sustainable resources to create leisure products and donating a portion of their sales to marine conservation. The brand also does not require a minimum following on social media, and the ambassadorship even comes with a lovely discount! If you're an inspiring influencer who loves fashion and the environment, check out Sand Cloud's website for more details!

Pura Vida

This brand is one of my favorite affordable jewelry brands, for its style and for its ties to charities. Pura Vida is a hand-crafted bracelet and jewelry company that creates beach-themed products in differing colors and styles. Many of their launches also donate a part of their profits to specific organisations in need. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Pura Vida, check out their website. 



Here is the link to the program below



Lastly, on a more personal note: HelloOtter. HelloOtter is a tech company that I actually intern at. The company actually hasn’t even launched yet. But since it will be launching soon, we are looking for ambassadors. Feel free to email me to learn more about this opportunity!  julianne.gannon@hellootter.com 

Hi I'm Julianne, a sophomore at Ohio U, majoring in communications. I am also the Events Director for HCOU.
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