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5 Black Owned Businesses You Need To Check Out This Month

Athens, Ohio is known for it’s amazing local options for food, beverages, activities and services. Here are just a select few out of the many amazing, local black-owned businesses here in beautiful Athens, Ohio. 

24/7 Dreams

24/7 Dreams is a locally-owned lifestyle clothing brand. They focus on motivational and uplifting mantras, and print them on their pieces, such as sweatshirts and t-shirts. 24/7 Dreams website states, “[We were] founded on the philosophy of manifesting one’s dreams into reality.” They are promoters of individuality, which shines within each of the items they design and the brands they partner with.

Iris Rose Wellness Massage

Iris is a licensed medical massage therapist here in Athens. She uses science-based soft tissue manipulation to reduce the pain and stress of her patients. This is particularly helpful to people who struggle with chronic pain or might just be in need of some relaxation.

The Court Barbershop

The Court Barbershop was opened its’ doors in Athens in 2017. They are a continuously growing business with many Ohio University students becoming regulars as every year passes. The Court Barbershop was a 4.3 star review on Google Reviews, with every review being something positive or uplifting about each of the barbers. One individual noted that The Court Barbershop is, “the best barbershop in the Athens area, hands down”!

Mauvette’s Caribbean Fusion

Mauvette’s is a local restaurant bringing a taste of the Caribbean to Athens. Miss Mauvette is a classically trained chef, and her menu is not only limited to Caribbean foods. Many Athens locals rave about her Jerk Chicken, so go check it out for yourself!

The Shack

This Athens delicacy was opened in 2007 by Mike Carson, a former Bobcat turned local. The shop that was started as a hot dog vendor was originally called “Carson’s Dog Shack”, but in 2015, when Carson started selling alcohol, he shortened the name to “The Shack”, a more widely known, household name throughout Athens. What was originally a college side hustle has turned into something huge for Mike that just seems to keep growing and growing. Although he no longer sells food and snacks, Mike continues to fulfill all of Athens alcohol needs.

These are just 5 of the many wonderful black-owned local businesses here in Athens. We hope that these inspire you to shop locally more often! 

Savannah Dawson is a freshman at Ohio University studying Journalism and Music, and working towards a certificate in Italian Studies. She serves as the Director of Communications for Alpha Gamma Delta. In her personal life she is a lover of fashion, trying new foods, music, animals, and making Pinterest boards. When she is not learning to play new music, she can often be found re-watching Gossip Girl (again).
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