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4 Ways to Plan the Perfect College Graduation Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

*Alcohol included*

It’s that time of year. Classes are winding down, students are getting restless, and summer is so close you can taste it. Graduation is in a few short weeks and reality is knocking at your door. Maybe you’re off to a big city to pursue your dreams, or maybe it’s back to Mom and Dad’s couch to job hunt while binge-eating all the food you don’t have to buy. Whatever you’re doing post-grad, celebrate your time spent in college with one last party – your college graduation party to be exact!

Here are a few ways to make your party the best!


1. Theme – The Choice is All Yours

Being the young age of 18, you might not have chosen the theme or location of your graduation party based on a budget or Mom’s need for multi-colored balloons and streamers. You’re old enough to know what you want, so do it! Always dreamed of a Breakfast with Tiffany’s brunch with your girls? Go for it! Want to relax with a backyard BBQ and Dad’s mouth-watering ribs? Now’s your chance! This is one of that last times people gather to celebrate YOU, so make it fit your personality and of course, have fun!


2. Alcohol –  The Game Changer

If you’re graduating college, you’re most likely of age to drink alcohol, and so are your guests. Since you probably didn’t enjoy any (or at least not much) at your high school graduation party, it’s time to start the party! If you’re having a breakfast theme, make a mimosa bar with different juices, champagnes, and fruits to garnish the delicious concoction. If you’re having the event at night, hire a bartender and create a “Grad’s Choice” drink that satisfies your taste! *Bonus points if it’s your school colors.* Just remember not to go overboard!

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3. Company – The Best of Friends

If your high school graduation party was like mine, it was filled with distant relatives, lower classmen mooching off free food, and parents’ friends I’d never met. Not cool. Create a more intimate and personal atmosphere by only inviting those close to you. Don’t invite your step-cousin twice removed just for the potential gift (unless you actually talk) and don’t fret if someone doesn’t get invited. If someone doesn’t come to mind for this celebration, you probably aren’t as close as you think.

4. Gifts – The Real Question

“Am I expecting gifts?” is a question to ask yourself when sending out invitations. If you definitely don’t want any cards or gifts, politely state that the guests just bring themselves. If you’d like, you can ask them to make a donation to your favorite organization in lieu of a present. They still feel like they’re contributing and it also leaves both of you with a good conscience! If you are hoping for some moolah to help pay off loans, don’t mention anything on the invitation, and if someone asks what you would like, be honest, but polite. We all need a little cash money to start us off in the real world!


Once you get your party planned, prepare yourself for the endless questions of, “What’re you doing now?” “Do you have a job?” “Are you seeing anyone?” Hopefully you’ll have good answers to those questions, and if you don’t, oh well! The attendees are there to celebrate you, not harass you. Excuse yourself to your BFF when the questions are overwhelming. Be sure to thank everyone who attended and helped, and most of all, have a great time, college graduate!

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