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4 Lipstick Shades to Match Your Mood

You’re almost ready to go and you notice you’re missing a very important piece of make up to complete your look. Lipstick! You suddenly become overwhelmed with all of the options and don’t know what color to pick. Your mood can actually help you determine what color you should choose.

1. Feeling upbeat and confident?

Too Faced Melted liquefied lipstick in the shade Fuchsia will help show off your inner confidence and is sure to grab the attention of everyone walking by. This shade is perfect if you’re having a great day and want everyone else to know!

Tip: If you want a more color try applying more for an intensified pink!

Photo courtesy: Blogspot.com

2. Feeling Dramatic?

MAC Smokey Purple is perfect to show your dramatic side! This deep color will give you the pop you need. A color this bold is definitely a staple piece in your outfit. Dark lipstick can upgrade any look from cute to sexy!

 Photo courtesy of vebeauty.com

3. Feeling flirty?

Blakety by MAC is the prefect way to get his attention. This pink nude color gives they perfect amount of sweet and sexy. Channel your inner bombshell and show off with a nude pink shimmer!

Photo Courtesy: Peenty.com

4. Feeling Energetic?

This Estee Lauder shade Restless created with Kendall Jenner will turn any look up in minutes. This red-orange color brightens up your entire face! Red is a versatile color that can be worn on many different skin tones with a casual look or even all dressed up!


Photo courtesy: thequaintrellesblog.files.wordpress.com

Your lipstick can say a lot about how you are feeling so don’t be afraid to try different colors and experiment. Try switching things up and you will be amazed at the confidence a new lip color will give you!

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