3 Things To Do When Motivation Runs Low

It is that time of year again…the end of the semester. We have all put blood, sweat, and tears into our assignments, work, clubs and social life; but speaking for myself, I am burnt out. Usually, I am a highly involved and motivated person, but right now, even writing this article is cumbersome for me. Going to the gym feels like a chore and actual chores…well, you can just forget it! Even when motivation is low, it is important to keep pushing on; therefore, I am here to supply you with ways to replenish your motivation.

  1. 1. Take a break

    No human can continuously put 1000% into everything they do--especially college students. School is exhausting; therefore, it is extremely important to take breaks. Take a break in whatever way will be beneficial to you! Whether it is taking a day off at the gym, dropping a shift at work, or spending a few moments to listen to music between study sessions, take a break. Without taking a break for your health, you will push yourself too hard which will lead to an even larger motivation drain…or bronchitis (maybe this one is just me, LOL). 

  2. 2. Ask for help

    Sometimes a little guidance in how to complete tasks is beneficial. If you do not want to study for an exam because the content seems more than you can chew, go to your professor's office hours. By attending office hours you may obtain new examples and ways to absorb the materials. When you understand the test material better, your motivation is likely to increase because your study session will be easier. Another thing you can do is reach out to your motivated friends and ask them what they do to stay trucking on! 

  3. 3. Give yourself little rewards

    One thing that helps motivate me is to give myself little rewards along the way. For example, if I study non-stop for an hour I will reward myself with one episode of the Office; or, if I finish two pages of my paper I can scroll on my social media accounts. While rewarding yourself along the way may help you too, it is important to not be distracted by the things you plan to reward yourself with.

As I said before, it is that time of year again where motivation is at an all-time low. But luckily, there are only a few more weeks of classes left until we get a nice long icy break. We got this! Good luck with staying motivated.