25 Relatable Things If You're A Single Girl In Your 20s

  1. 1. Dating a guy you really liked just for him to let you know weeks or months later he isn’t over his ex

  2. 2. Dying/cutting your hair because it feels like the only control you have in your life

  3. 3. Swerving guys because you were being loyal to a guy you aren’t actually dating

  4. 4. Looking at a guy’s hand for a ring before deciding if he’s attractive. Married men are OFF limits

  5. 5. Telling yourself dating apps are stupid then redownloading it an hour later

  6. 6. Watching a happy rom-com and laughing because you know how unrealistic they are

  7. 7. You definitely have said, “All the good guys are taken”

  8. 8. You have laid in bed crying and listening to sad music thinking about how single you are

  9. 9. Questioning if a guy is flirting with you or being nice

  10. 10. Then get upset when you find out he was just being nice instead of flirting

  11. 11. Wondering to yourself why guys don’t like you

  12. 12. Having a dramatic storytime with your girls whenever there is an update, good or bad

  13. 13. Getting attention from several guys, just not guys you are interested in

  14. 14. You have probably been ghosted when you thought things were going well

  15. 15. Posting a cute photo on your story then constantly refreshing your phone to see if your crush has seen it

  16. 16. Getting angry at your family when they ask about your love life

  17. 17. Judging some of your friend's choices in significant others because it is better to be single than date a loser

  18. 18. Getting hit on by guys that could be your dad

  19. 19. Having a new guy every week so your friends can’t keep up

  20. 20. Telling yourself, “he’s not like the other guys,” then he immediately disappoints you

  21. 21. Being a little jealous of all your friends in relationships

  22. 22. Still being nice to a guy you liked even though he shattered your heart

  23. 23. Getting nervous AF to ask your crush to hang, or even being scared to just text them because you fear rejection

  24. 24. Crushing on celebs because Harry Styles would never treat you poorly

  25. 25. Lastly, you realized the real reason you are single is that your OTP is out there and you refuse to settle. Never settle honey, you got this!