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15 Things That Are More Important Than the Freshman 15

In your freshman year of college, you are expected to gain three things: friends, knowledge, and fifteen pounds.


Throughout the school year, I’ve found myself letting the fear of weight gain take over my mind, actions and vocabulary. I’m sure if my roommates had a dollar for every time they’ve heard me mutter the phrase, “I’m gonna weigh 800 pounds,” they’d each have approximately $800 to their name. If I had a dollar for each time I passed up an opportunity to eat ice cream in the dining hall, I could probably buy a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry’s.


Granted, you can save a couple dollars here and there by not buying ice cream every time you’re craving something sweet, you won’t feel as bloated if you don’t devour an entire pizza every weekend and you’ll definitely fall asleep faster if you sweat out your stress at the gym.

But what college student has time for that kind of lifestyle?

So that’s why I’m calling on all freshmen (…and sophomores, juniors, seniors, and incoming freshmen…) to put an end to the stigma of the “Freshman Fifteen.” To kick start this movement, here are 15 things that are more important than the Freshman Fifteen:

1. Mac ‘n Cheese

‘Nough said.

2. Grades

How do you have time to study for finals when you’re spending all of your time at the gym?

3. Figuring out your favorite DP Dough Calzone

Why choose between the Roni Zoni and the Pesto Zone when you can have both?

4. Sleep

You can spend an hour at the gym or you can take an hour-long nap. No contest, right?

5. Bagel Street Deli

A solid option once you’ve exhausted all of your calzone options.

6. Showering

No more excuses about not having enough time to!

7. Whit’s Frozen Custard

C’mon, now that the weather is warm, I know you’re craving a Reese’s Whitzer!

8. Social Life

We all know that nine times out of ten “hanging out with friends” means “getting food with friends.”

9. GoodFella’s Pizza

When you can get two slices for $5, you can most definitely afford to get a cup of the garlic butter, too.

10. Extracurriculars

Working out at Ping isn’t the best resume builder; joining a club is.

11. Free Food

While you’re at your extracurriculars, take advantage of the free food they’re inevitably going to provide.

12. Avoiding Jeff Hill

Sure, you could get in your daily workout by hiking up the stairs… Or you could take the elevator in Glidden. It’s up to you.

13. Chipotle

Now that the E. coli outbreak is over, Chipotle is technically healthy again, right?

14. Watching Tasty Videos

Don’t lie and say that you haven’t spent more time watching these videos than you have on your final projects.

15. Shively Ice Cream

Still craving some ice cream? Save a couple dollars and swipe in at Shively.

Bottom line, if eating an apple is going to make you happy, opt for the fruit. But if a brownie is going to relieve your stress about finals, don’t hesitate to dig in. There are greater things in life than the few pounds you may accumulate in college, and your happiness that results from eating ice cream is one of them.

Bikini season? Bring it on.

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