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15 Struggles Only Girls Who Wear Makeup Will Understand


1.     Sneezing right after putting your mascara on


2.     Spending an hour trying to perfect your winged eyeliner but they never look the same



3.     Lipstick transferring to teeth

4.     Starting your makeup 2 hours before you are supposed to be ready to make sure you have plenty of time

5.     Spending an entire paycheck on three makeup items

6.     Following a makeup tutorial but then result never looks the same as in the video

7.     Your hand is a rainbow after walking out of Sephora


8.     On days you have plans your makeup looks horrible but the days you have no plans your makeup is flawless

9.     Never being able to find the perfect foundation color

10.  Going to sleep after a night out with your makeup on and not realizing it until the morning

11.  When you don’t wear makeup people see you differently

12.  Buying really bright colored makeup but being too scared to wear it

13.  Dropping a palette and picking it up really slowly with hopes that nothing broke

14.  Rubbing your eyes but you forgot you have makeup on

15.  Going out with a perfectly good makeup look and coming back home with a disaster

No matter what the struggle is, all you have to do is embrace your look and be confident about it. Girl, you look great!


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