11 Best Study Spots At Ohio University Besides Alden Library

Alden Library can be a great resource when needing to get work done, however, it can be difficult to find a table or a study room. Here are 11 places to study when you need a break from Alden:

1. Jefferson Hall, First Floor

The first floor of Jeff has tables and study rooms perfect for studying with groups or individually. There are also a lot of whiteboards and televisions to use for practicing presentations. Jeff Hall is also connected to Jeff market so it’s easy to grab snacks or take a study break.

2. Coffee Shops on Campus

South Side and Front Room are great places to study between classes or when you need a cup of coffee and want to continue studying. Front Room is great if you don’t like complete silence when you study, while South Side has a quieter atmosphere.

3. College Green

College Green is a great place to study when you need fresh air and sunlight. Whether you hammock by yourself or use a picnic blanket with friends, there is plenty of room for everyone.

4. Your College’s Building

Most college buildings have study areas for students to use. This can be a great place to study because these buildings have a lot of resources and it is a great place to meet your professors or see other students in your major if you need help.

5. Dorm Lobbies

Every dorm building has a lobby or study rooms. These can be great because you don’t have to walk far to find a good place to focus. This is also a great place when you need to take a break from studying in your room, or if you struggle studying in your room with other people present.

6. A Different College’s Building

Studying inside of your college’s building can be great, but sometimes you do not want to spend more time in there after having classes all day. Changing up the building also helps you not get distracted by seeing people you may know from your major.

7. Seigfred Mural

The tunnel behind Seigfred is a great place to study because it is very quiet and there are lots of places to sit when you need to quietly focus.

8. Dining Halls

Even though the dining halls can get crowded and loud, there are still a lot of tables so it is a great place to meet groups to work on projects or study alone. During the day and after the dinner rush, the dining halls can sometimes be almost empty.

9. The Academic and Research Center

While this building is primarily used by engineering majors, there are still a lot of great places to study. This building is perfect for studying with groups and there is a coffee shop inside for when you need to pull an all-nighter.

10. Baker Center

Baker has a lot of places to study on every floor. Baker is also in a good location, so it is easy to meet study groups and it is generally quiet. There is also West 82 and Front Room inside Baker which makes it easy to take a break.

11. The Ridges

Because studying with ghosts is good luck.