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10 Things OU Students Love


10. Liquor Pitchers 

$5 for an entire pitcher full of your favorite mixed drink…you can’t beat that! Believe me, you will be paying more than that for a single drink once you leave Athens behind.

9. Athens Bricks

The bricks that line the streets and buildings are the foundation of this town. Of course we would all love it if our streets were paved– it would make driving around and walking uptown in heels a lot easier. They give Athens a unique college town feel that you can’t find in many places. And let’s be honest, if you haven’t already stolen an Athens brick you know you have it on your bucket list of things to do before graduation.

8. Burritos 

We sure do love burritos. Chipotle, Big Mamma’s and Burrito Buggy are only a few of the places in Athens that you can get a delicious burrito. These cheesy, spicy, rice filled wraps of perfection make the perfect “late night snack” after the bars close. On any given morning your are bound to find rice, chicken and foil littered throughout the streets from the clumsy fools who dropped them (and most likely cried about it) the night before. 

7. OU Twitter Accounts

@OUCrushes, @ShitBobcatzSay, @OU_Confessions, @OUHipster, @Athens_Tonight, @CourtShuffler…these are just a handful of the never ending list of humorous twitter accounts that we just can’t seem to keep our eyes off of. With thousands of followers each, these twitter accounts have all made us laugh, made us cry and kept us mindlessly entertained during lecture classes.

6. Alcohol

Ok, this wouldn’t be an accurate list without alcohol being mentioned. Ou students like to party, that is no surprise. With over 20 bars uptown it is nearly impossible to come across a day that isn’t offering a deal on drinks that is too good to pass up (refer to “Liquor Pitchers” above). And, over the past few years OU has been on of the top party schools as ranked by the Princeton Review. However, recently OU has dropped from the #1 spot in 2012 to #3 in 2013, followed by a depressing drop to #7 in 2014. Drink up Bobcats, we’ve been slacking. 

5. Fests

We love fests so much that when our “Fest Season” got threatened by the change to semesters we decided to scatter them throughout the year. We have a fest for nearly every major residential street, the number fest is biannual and this year we have our newest fest addition– Santa Fest (December 7)!

4. Yoga Pants

Girls love them for comfort. Boys love them for the view. It is as simple as that.

3. Ghost Stories

In case you have been living under a rock for years, Athens is one of the most haunted places on Earth. There are countless ghost stories that have been passed down throughout the years. If you are curious about them all, check out Haunted Ohio University.


2. Taking Pictures of Campus

We have a beautiful campus here at OU, which obviously means that every student with an iPhone has posted at least 12 artsy, filtered pictures of the sunsetting behind the brick buildings or the colorful leaves changing on college green. 

1. Turning Anything into an Excuse to go to the Bars

The campus is on lock down because there is an armed fugitive running loose in the streets…I guess that means tonight is Fugitive Fest. The power is out everywhere…good thing the bars have candles. Did you hear those tornado sirens? I bet the bars are a safe place to take refuge. 

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