10 Things Better Than Spending Valentine's Day With Your SO

Couples everywhere are planning date nights for the most romantic night of the year, Valentine’s Day. Flowers and candy, movies and restaurant reservations appear to be the perfect date night, but what about those who have no date? Have no fear, here are just ten of the many things to do on Valentine’s Day that are better than being with a significant other.

1. Galentine’s Day There is no need to spend the day alone, take time to hang out with friends and appreciate their friendship. Go shopping, paint your nails, or just simple get together.

2. Catch up on Netflix Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, or HBO, there are plenty of new and old shows that are perfect to binge watch on Valentine’s Day. Try out “The End of the F***king World”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, or “Girls”.

3. Eat some food Make a beautiful candle lit dinner for yourself. Make some amazing food or dessert, invite some friends over and have a relaxing Valentine’s Day meal.

4. Hang with animals at the local shelter Spend time volunteering at a local animal shelter and play with the animals there. Helping here not only brings happiness, but helps the community.

5. Sleep Everyone needs it and this is the perfect day to catch up on those much needed zzzz’s.

6. Read a book All those books on the bookshelf in your room are begging to be read. Take the day to remove yourself from social media and read a book.

7. Do a facemask Refresh skin with a facemask. Try out an anti-stress mask or a fun animal sheet mask made perfect for selfies.

8. Coloring pages Coloring books are not just for children. Buy a book or print out some Valentine’s day themes coloring pages to destress.

9. Redecorate the room Rearrange furniture, hang up new pictures and lay out that area rug. Redecorating a space not only creates change but will be a relaxing and rewarding way to spend Valentine’s Day.

10. Smash the patriarchy Lastly, take time on Valentine’s Day to help overthrow the patriarchy!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with or without a significant other and make sure to have a great time too!

(All photos courtesy of Giphy)