10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Last-minute plans happen! Sometimes you have every intention of staying in on Halloween, then a more desirable option pops up at the last second. If you decide to go to a Halloween party on the day it’s happening, never fear. Here are 10 quick, cheap, and fun last-minute costumes.

  1. 1. Skeleton

    You don’t have to go all out for people to recognize what you’re going for. Just give yourself some heavy contour and hollow out your eyes with black eyeshadow, then add some lines across your lips, and you’re good to go. I would suggest wearing all black for this look, but feel free to make it your own! 

  2. 2. Wednesday Addams

    If you have a black dress and hair long enough to braid, then Wednesday Addams is an easily attainable last-minute look. Add black lipstick and draw a widow’s peak to tie the look together, and you’ve got a cute, quick, and easily recognizable outfit.

  3. 3. A Sim

    All you need for this one is an old headband, green construction paper, and some crafting skills. Put on anything you would typically wear, add your DIY Sims Plumbob, and you’re ready to go. Learn some Simlish phrases to give your costume an impressive bonus.

  4. 4. Prison Mike ("The Office")

    Fans of "The Office", look no further. All this costume requires is a purple bandana, but a suit jacket ties it together. Other supporters of the show will instantly understand your outfit, and you’ll likely leave with a new friend.

  5. 5. Rosie the Riveter

    A red bandana, blue shirt, and lipstick are all you need for this timeless and empowering costume. We can do it!

  6. 6. Steve Jobs

    Add some round glasses to a black turtleneck for a creative and straightforward costume. Bring an Apple product for an extra accessory!

  7. 7. Bachelorette 

    For a recognizable costume that you’re sure to look beautiful in, dress up as a bachelorette from the show “The Bachelorette”. Wear any formal dress you already own and add a plastic rose to complete the look. Everyone at the party will accept your rose!

  8. 8. Hole Punch Jim ("The Office")

    If you don’t have a bandana but want to pay tribute to The Office, cut out three black circles and stick them to a white shirt. Add a black tie and the costume is finished!

  9. 9. Billy ("Saw")

    For a spookier costume, dress as a feminine version of the puppet from Saw. Wear a black skater skirt with a white shirt and add red swirls on your cheeks with lipstick or face paint. A red bowtie completes the look.

  10. 10. Little Red Riding Hood

    For a simple costume, try this modern take on a classic fairytale. Anything red will do: a dress, shawl, or even a hoodie. Add red lipstick and a wicker basket, and you’re ready to go.