10 Favorite Gifs To Get You Through The Semester

With the end of the semester and finals looming over us, I wanted to share my favorite gifs that have helped me and I could extremely relate to throughout the semester. These will also give you a good laugh, cheer you up, and keep you going until the very end.

Kicking it off with an absolute classic gif that we can all relate to almost too closely:

This is me trying to fix the fact that I’m in the above “this is fine” situation

I really don’t know why, but there is just something about this that I can relate to soooo hard. I can’t tell whether it’s because I look like a clown pretending to be doing well in my classes, or the fact that I think a sheet mask will fix everything.

Realizing you won’t use any of the class material in your future career but you need the class to graduate:

After a professor says you could have been working on a project all semester, but they’re right:

The night before finals begin:

Going to our advisors for help when it's too late like:

Playing in the snow as if we love the freezing cold to avoid studying for your finals:

Hahahaha just one more coffee is fine right?

Miraculously passing all of your classes so you can actually enjoy winter break: