10 Date Ideas Around Ohio University

Fall is getting closer and closer, which means a variety of date ideas come about. Luckily, here at Ohio University, we are surrounded by tons of opportunities for fun/inexpensive dates! Here are 10 ideas for you and your significant other:

1. If you are of age and are wanting something a little more romantic, on Tuesday’s. Zoe has half-priced white wine!

2. Take a walk on the Hockhocking Adena bikeway! It is extremely calming, plus the trees are starting to turn colors which make for gorgeous scenery!

3. On Wednesday’s, Casa Nueva has open mic nights!

4. Feeling sporty? Slice Night at Courtside is always an option for those pizza-lovers!

5. Hockey season has begun and is only $5 to attend on Fridays and Saturdays!

6. Rugby games are free and are on Saturday’s - that could be fun if you have never gone to a game!

7. Take a hike at Hocking Hills!

8. Go relax at Strouds Run!

9. Wing night at Bdubs aka Thursday’s are a must!

10. You could go to craft night together which is held in Baker on Thursday’s!

There is never “nothing” to do, there is always something you can do with one another - you just have to look!