10 Best Video Searches To Go Down The Youtube Rabbit Hole

The classic Youtube rabbit hole. We’ve all been down it, and we never know exactly how we got there. What’s the rabbit hole you ask? This is when you go from video to video, based on related videos. Without even realizing, an hour has just passed, and then another and another. You have just gone down the rabbit hole. This can be great for nights you can’t sleep or days you have free, but it can be harmful when used as a way to procrastinate from school or work. Here are my 10 favorite video searches to start my own journey down the Youtube rabbit hole:

  1. “Hell’s Kitchen”/”Kitchen Nightmares”/”Hotel Hell”

Honestly, who doesn’t love to see Gordon Ramsay yell at people? Watching him scream at those competing, those who own a failing restaurant, or a failing hotel never gets old and is the perfect way to go down a tunnel of hours worth of Ramsay.

  1. Hair dying videos

Seeing people dye their hair in a sped-up time-lapse can be so calming. Hair dying videos of people ruining their hair, however, can be even more entertaining. These videos will also be a helpful reminder not to dye your hair spur of the moment if you don’t know what you’re exactly doing.

  1. Piercing videos

There really is something cringy about people attempting to pierce their own *insert any body part*. Whether these videos are professionals or amateurs they’re sure to get a reaction out of you.

  1. Chiropractic videos

That satisfying crack, crunch and pop that you’ll hear while watching these videos is so calming. Just listen for yourself.

  1. Review videos

You start off looking up any product that you’re genuinely interested in and then BOOM next thing you know, you’re watching review videos about random products that you would never purchase.

  1. Conspiracy theory videos

Before you know it, you’ll be believing in every Mandela effect, aliens and maybe even the flat Earth theory.

  1. How-to videos

Do you really need to know how to make that craft project or recipe? No. But will you watch endless hours of how-to videos? Yes.

  1. Pimple popping videos

Along with piercing videos, pimple popping videos aren’t for the faint of heart. Popular channels like Dr. Pimple Popper, however, will definitely lead you to the rabbit hole of popping.

  1. Haul videos

There’s just something about seeing other people and the items they receive or buy that lets you live vicariously through their luxurious lifestyle.

  1. News videos

All it takes is one 3-minute news videos that will take you on a trip from video to video as you learn about random local news in cities you don’t even live in.

Whatever you decide to pick, enjoy your time down the rabbit hole.